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about / dropbox [13 Sep 2020|01:00pm]

Karin. Thirty-and-then-some. Crazy cat lady. Compulsive crafter, writer and acquirer of red things. I like Arsenal, the Pittsburgh Penguins and completing bingo challenges.

I like to think of RP as the vacation from the crazy that is making shit up and writing it down and sometimes get paid for it, and I'm rather fond of it.

Leave me a comment and I'll add you back!

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Currently played characters [13 Aug 2020|06:36pm]
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previously played characters (2014-?) [19 Jul 2020|08:45am]
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Previously played characters (2008-2014) [13 Jul 2020|08:22am]
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Hugo reading [19 May 2020|01:46pm]
I definitely stole this list from [info]fjords with a few additions because I needed the whole slate in one place. And yeah, there is NO WAY I'll be able to read all of this but gdi I'm going to try.

The ones that are struck out are either affiliated with the puppy drama, or happen to be Cixin Liu who has done nothing to deserve a strikeout except for writing a book I already know I won't enjoy in any way, and tbh there's more than enough books to keep me busy until July without making myself read something I know I won't like.

And if anyone happens to know where I can find the previous volumes of Saga (2-5) and Ms Marvel (3-4) without paying actual money (God I hate pirating when it comes to books but I won't be able to afford buying them and I'd love to read them all and not just the nominated volume before voting), please point me to them.

Hugo Awards 2017 )

[30 Jan 2020|07:17pm]
Here's this year's reading challenge! There are two versions of the code this year, one with a background image and one with just a 'free square' image. For both the background colour you want to replace a filled square with is #0d4961.

With background: here
Without background: here

Modified code with background (written so that the Stylish script Insanejournal Fix won't override the font in the table): here

Feel free to share this code, and if you want to comment and tell me when you grab it, that'd be awesome. This is less because I want credit and more because I'm curious how many people there are that actually use these.

(Also note that the square that reads a book in Swedish on mine will read a book in [language] or a translated book on yours!)

reading challenge for 2017 )

[07 Jan 2020|07:42pm]
I will update with more thoughts of my reading year later, but here's the code to my reading challenge for 2016. I went fancy with a background image this year, but if that's too busy for your eyes there's green behind it. Most of the squares are taken from various bingo cards I've found online, a few I made up, some are Julie's suggestions. I'm not sure anyone but her and me are actually using these but if you DO, you can find the code here.

The colour you want to replace the background in a completed square with is #dbe3e0.

reading challenge for 2016 )

[05 Jan 2020|03:30pm]
Last year's reading challenge bingo cards became too much and I ran away and ended up only reading sixteen books all year, so this year i've sized it all down to one card, and instead of going in and adding hover text there's just a plain list underneath to fill in.

If you want to play along the code can be found here, and should you want to colour each individual square in with the darker blue once you've read that book the code you want to put in as a background colour is #5297D3.

reading challenge for 2015 )

[21 Feb 2017|04:40pm]
lol so. About this whole "look what happened last night in Sweden" thing. I know that everyone already know it didn't happen but I'm so amused and I tried to kind of summarise the actual reality on Twitter but realised it's been done elsewhere so I gave up. However, I found this in a Swedish English language newspaper, and in another newspaper who did a couple of articles in English because of this (which is probably why there are some errors in it, for example they use 'lucid' but mean the exact opposite) and I just have to share because it's hilarious:

content warning: Trump )

[01 Feb 2017|12:32am]
So CW is ending in a few hours. This is weird. SO WEIRD. I can't even remember the last time I was in a game that lasted this long. I'm equal parts wistful and just relieved to have made it to the ending. It's been a crazy ride. And yes, there's so much I could say about everyone (I remember when Invol closed I accidentally missed the actual deadline and when I checked the flist the last time there were a million ooc post saying nice things and I went "...oh right, I should've done this" but it was too late, and this time I remembered it was a Thing back then but I still haven't written anything), but I'm just going to stick with doing my final wrap up posts, which is to say that Andy and Julia get them, Eudoxia and Agnes might get one later in the month, I'm not sure yet. And then I'm done?

This is a weird feeling.

Anyway, there's been so little activity until like RIGHT NOW and I've gotten so much written in the last two days, so maybe a break is a good thing. We'll see how long it lasts, I guess. Now that the No Active Game period is almost upon me I suddenly feel nervous. Even though I know I really, really need this.

this is a cut because everything under here is completely random and I don't even know why I typed it in the first place )

[08 Jan 2017|02:58pm]
I have a new computer! It's so pretty omg. I also realised when I added all my usual Stylish scripts and all that, that the book bingo card I made looked absolutely horrible when I had the Insanejournal Fix script activated. This was, I discovered, because when you put the font code in the 'tr' bit, instead of each individual 'td' bit, the script specifications about font overrides the ones in the table. So, if you want your card to look like this which I thought they all did, use this code instead. Sorry about that.

Also, because Jen is making me look clever, I need to confess that this was a complete accident and I didn't realise until I saw Effie's post that I'd actually killed him the way he'd planned to get out (though he'd MEANT to be at least 50 and no longer attractive by the time that happened, of course):

Next up (in two days): year of books! [28 Dec 2016|02:15pm]
PBs of 2016 )

[26 Dec 2016|04:54pm]
Like every year I'm planning on making a new one of these for 2017 in a few days. Idk how many people actually use them apart from myself but I always make the code available for everyone. SO, is there anything specific you guys would like to see as far as bingo squares go?

[02 Dec 2016|03:09pm]
I'm pretty bad at holiday themed logs and things, but I do love a bingo challenge so I'm trying this one out! I would especially like things with Andy, who is impossible to play these days and I really need to figure out why, but I'll happily log all of them!

CW Christmas Bingo )

[22 Nov 2016|02:14pm]
What is the latest version of Chrome the thread unfolder works for? Or is there an unfolder I don't know about that miraculously works with the later versions? I currently have Chrome 47.025 or something, and the unfolder only works if I reinstall it every time I restart my browser because it's not from the web store which is tedious but yeah I can deal if there's no work around. Unfortunately I ALSO keep getting a pop up message saying that this browser is outdated and no longer is supported... so I feel like I should update but if the unfolder dies completely if I do I'd rather not.

So, help? Input? Anything?

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